*EKG Prep Class

 *The EKG Prep Class is only offered at our Melbourne Campus 

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EKG Prep Class

*The EKG Prep Class is only offered at our Melbourne Campus

This program prepares students for employment as an Electrocardiograph Aide (EKG Technician) in hospitals, out-patients centers, clinics, diagnostic labs, medical centers and other medical facilities. An Electrocardiograph Aide (EKG Technician) prepare the area for testing, instructing patients, positioning of leads and the use of gels and other substances, and supplies utilized in the testing procedures. The students will learn the composition of the heart, its blood flow, layers of the heart, cardiac muscle, heart valves, cardiac cycles, heart rate, the pathology of diseases, law and ethics, critical policies and procedures including universal precautions, infection control, OSHA and CLIA guidelines and how they apply to the Electrocardiograph Aide’s duties and responsibilities. Students of the Electrocardiograph Aide program must complete the Health Science Core Module in conjunction with the Electrocardiograph Aide program.

This program mainly associates with laboratory demonstrations, you  will be  trained you in the following area(s):

  • Safe and Efficient work practices

  • Legal and Ethical responsibilities

  • Safety and Supplies relevant to the function of an Electrocardiograph Aide

  • Techniques in using and maintenance of Electrocardiography instruments 

Career Opportunities:
Doctor’s Offices 

The Prep Class is 2 weeks 

Monday- Thursday 9:30am- 3:00pm


  • Applicant must be 17 years old or older.

  • High school diploma or GED certificate

  • Social Security Card

(If you do not have a HS/GED, you will be required to take the TABE test.)

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