Financial Assistance

There are resources available that may help 
finance your education.
Financial aid is an important issue for every student to consider while planning and preparing for your educational future. The decision to pursue a career-focused education is a tremendous step; choosing the best way to pay for your chosen career involves careful consideration of a number of factors. 

At Horizon Healthcare Institute (HHI) we want you to feel confident and secure with your decision to advance your career at our school. We are committed to answering your questions and helping you understand and pursue all of the various types of financial aid for which you may qualify.  



Horizon Healthcare Institure


You Should Know...

Most students are unaware of the various types of grants and scholarships that are available to help pay for the cost of their education. Currently, we do not offer Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). However, we encourage our students to research other tuition assistance resources, such as need and merit-based scholarships and employer tuition reimbursement. In addition, federal tax credits exist for certain documented educational expenses.

The Fact Is...
HHI understands making a commitment to your education as no small feat. We also know that an investment in your education will result in significant gains that can last a lifetime. Below we have listed a few agencies of which may help fund your educational endeavors:

  • The Community Action Team 

  • Vocational Rehabilitation 

  • My Career Advancement Account (MYCAA); Military Spouse benefits 

  • Goodwill Industries 

Horizon Healthcare Institute (HHI) offers flexible weekly, monthly and quarterly payment plans.

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